The Hidden Treasure in the Lap of Annapurna: Khopra Danda to Khayer Tal (Lake) Trek

September 19, 2017
Ashwin 03, 2074
“I’m in Pokhara, just arrived at home.”
I got a call around 10:00 PM. I asked are you joining. He became wordless. He said I like to join but I got the financial problem. I again asked do you want or not? He said Yes. I told him to pack your bag forget the financial problem but did not tell that where we are heading for. But it’s sure that we are going for trek tomorrow in the early morning.


September 20, 2017
Ashwin 04, 2074
This one is the sudden trek with my own student. From the first month of his class in the Regional College of Health Science and Technology; he started following my footprints. He found out my blog and my hidden passion. He requested me to do promise for the trek after the final exam. I did promise but were unable to do immediately after the final exam. I told him I will let you know when we are going but you have to be prepared for the sudden trek.

I went to bed at 2:00 Am in the morning after packing a bag. I was late to wake up in the morning and still had hang-up because I was not sleeping properly that night. I took tea and moving to buy trekking bread; I got a call around 7:00 AM. Come fast; I book a bus ticket and is leaving soon. It was my trekking partner and of course student who called yesterday late night. I am on the way, just wait for few minutes, I told on the phone.

At 7:30, I arrived at Bus Park. The bus seats were already booked so I put my bag on the seat and we moved to the nearby departmental store for some food that can be eaten on the way. Around 8:00 AM, the bus moved from the station. In Naya-Pool, but stopped for some lunch break. I got no option for the toilet. So, I tried my empty mind to find out the clean toilet of Muktinath Bikas Bank even though I was not the customer. It was almost 1:00 PM when we arrived at Kimchae the last station of but to Ghandruk.


We started our first-day walk from Kimchae. We tried old rough way even there was a new one. We saw many of the foreigners on the way but when my student saw the young beautiful girl; he makes a joke of me by asking which one do you choose sir to get married. I said I will say when my eyes get to stop on with one. On the way, some of the villagers were working on potato field and eating reddish. I saw a green leaf of reddish and I said “Kasto mukh nai rasayo didi harule Mula khako dekhera.”

I did not suppose that they listened to me but they do. They were happy to offer reddish for us and we happily opened our hands and thanked them too. We ate wild fruit that found on the way. I was surprised when one foreigner asked about that fruit. I said it’s the wild one and I’m not sure of the name and you shouldn’t try because you may get the problem.


The way was hard and straight up to the hill and it was raining too. The weather was not favorable but we enjoyed the first-day trek. It was so hard for me because I was trekking after a year. I got intense knee pain but I tried hard to climb up the hill. It almost took 5 hours to get up to Tadapani. We were wet and tired so we got into the first hotel in Tadapani. After changing clothes, we went to the dining hall where other groups were also present. Our conversations started with the one group who were from Kathmandu. They were three young guy and friendly too. We made laugh and shared lot of thing about travel. They got shocked when they knew that, we are teacher and student. The most surprising moment was the sharing of the love story of all of us. Even I was teaching of the whole year; now I found out my students affairs too. At 10:30, we went to bed but I didn’t know when I became slept tightly.

September 21, 2017
Ashwin 05, 2074
Hunger makes people search for food. But, my hunger makes me travel to the place I never been.
It was raining from the first day of our travel and whole night too. We became so lazy to left bed in the morning even our eyes were open from 5:00 AM. Around 8:00 AM; I got the urge to urination so I left the bed. Sandip also got up from the bed. Oho. I forget to mention the name of my trek partner before; its Sandip or Sewa. After refreshment; he brought tea to the room. We had breakfast in the room that we brought together; 6-Grain trekking bread, honey, and ginger tea.
The rain was pouring like a mist around Tadapani. The view was not so clear but we were in dilemma whether to leave or not. From last night Sewa; became more curious to climb up to Khayer (Tal) lake So, he also said let’s start to have some adventure for today. We started our walk but became lost in the first step. We took the wrong way, after 5 min I found out that it was wrong. So, Sewa shouted to the one aged person living in the nearby hut. But, what a coincidence; he is deaf. In a muddy way, he got up to that person’s hut and found out that it is the opposite way. A Little bit up, we found other people too.

Ganesh Haina (Isn’t he Ganesh?)

I heard a new lady voice calling up my name when I said we are going to Khopra. I was surprised by a voice of Meena Karki; a legend of trek calling my name. She told us to stay in Bayeli. You can easily reach up to there in time. Our plan to stay in Dobato now changed. We thanked her and other people and take a walk in the right way now.

It almost took us 2 hours to arrive at Meshar. It was still raining and we were bleeding by the bite of leech. The muddy, slippery way with a queue of leech made us crazy. We wanted to take an hour rest with tea or coffee and noodle soup in Meshar but the only restaurant there was closed. Now we got in vain. But, I saw a smoke from hut from a nearby hut. We shouted but no one responded. I asked Sewa let’s go there. We can have rested there for an hour even on one is there.

An average 60-70 aged old man with white beard and hair sleeping in his nest. Peace and Happy, what an awesome life in between the trees with a herd of buffalo. I am sorry, we made him awake. He offered us a place to rest nearby fire. We took off our wet clothes and bags. It was like a child returning home. I requested him for tea, but he didn’t have sugar. Instead of sugar, he was using salt tea. We were okay for salt tea. Suddenly, my mind came to work. I remember that we have honey so we can use it in tea. We took a big sip of tea that was relief from all the pain in the rain. We continued the conversation with the hut man about his family.


Suddenly, I remembered my days in Gyarjati my birthplace and Sedibagar, where I was grown. He was like my father. When I saw his face; it made me recall my past; working in the field, traveling with the father in search of buffalo and ox. Everything from my childhood circled around my head. Now, I knew, what our happiness and the satisfaction. I explored the life lesson of the search for happiness, peace, freedom and the meaning of living with this old man.

Music of the nest
Two cups of salted milk tea so strong and the warm of fire gave us energy that we can make our walk up to Bayeli.

After one and half hour rest we left our paradise of travel. It took us 1 hour to stretch to Isharu where all the hotels were closed and the rain was still pouring. I had brought two rain poncho but both are old and had holes and ripped. Sewa saw the clip for hanging clothes and snipped. He uses that clips for arranging our rain poncho. I saw green mint garden around the hotel and my mouth got water. I plucked off some leaf and put in my mouth. But Sewa grabbed a bunch from there when I said you can. We used that mint during our travel as a supplement.

A flower from the garden of creation3

After 2 hours of the walk, we arrived at Dobato. We saw two hotels there but it startled us that both were open. One of the workers in hotel wanted us to stop there. He was talking in a confusing way. Sometimes he says, you can reach Bayeli easily and sometimes it will take a long time to Bayeli. We decided to go to Bayeli. It was the cloudy, foggy and rainy day so we did not try to go for Muldai (3637M height from sea level), a viewpoint of Ganesh Himal, Manaslu, Annapurna Range and Machhapuchhre. Along the way to Bayeli, we met few groups returning. Most of them were returned from Khopra Danda or from the half-way. One group told us that they were heading for Khayer Tal but they couldn’t make it. They returned from halfway to Khayer Tal.

It was almost 4:00 PM, we were walking and walking and there was no sign of destination; Sewa said let’s wait and have something for the stomach. I told him; let’s climb that peak and we will have there. The wind was so strong; I felt that it can blow me too. But; we decided for a walking break and had some food there. The way was almost like pond and water were flowing everywhere. The way was so slippery and muddy; our shoes were like made of soil. But we didn’t lose our hope. Around 5:30 PM we saw a roof from a distance.

The longest way to khopra
It felt like a home; when we got to enter the hotel at Bayeli. We changed everything and got near to heater. There was already one group staying. The hotel owner offered us tea. It was like an elixir for us. After an hour we started playing cards on dining. The guide of other group was talking loudly but we were ignoring him. After dinner, we went to bed but the body was still awake so we started playing cards again. The talkative guide was in our side room, he said sleep otherwise play in dining. I replied him in a rush.
Don’t listen to us. Close your ears and sleep.

September 22, 2017
Ashwin 06, 2074
Why we have the urge to go toilet early on morning even we don’t want to leave the bed?

If we don’t; I will sleep the whole day. Morning 8:00 AM still on the bed, but my urinary bladder didn’t help me to sleep more. The rain was with us from the first day. We went to the kitchen and have ginger tea. It was so warm in the kitchen due to a wood fire. So, we decided to stay and play cards again with breakfast. The chocolate pancake, Vanilla pancake, and chapatti all went inside our stomach but no energy to walk on rain. Around 12:30 PM we had our lunch. Our stomach was like a pregnant woman having a baby of 3 months. It was urging from our stomach to do something for metabolism. Now, finally, we decided to leave for Khopra Danda.

A flower from the garden of creation1

Due to rain the short way to Khopra Danda was closed and not repaired so we follow long way. First; it was 2 hour walk down to hill and then 3 hours up to the hill. It was rainy, slippery, muddy, and bushy and leech-y but we head for our destination. After 2 hour walk, we arrived at Chistibang, a rest point before Khopra Danda. We took a break for our legs there in the first hotel. The hotel owner offered us tea without cost but I insist him to take. We cleaned up our legs that were bleeding by leech bite. During our talk, Sewa remembered Shristi, a friend of his class. Because the name of that resting point is synonome to his friend. A home of Shristi.
After half an hour of rest, we took big decision of climbing up the hill. It was monsoon season so every plant on the way was flowering. It was like a garden of the flower. The whole hill was flowering. In a funny way I made a song:
Srijana ko barima euta ful rope maile. Tei ful lai goddai maile ………

“A Garden of Creation”

Garden of creation

The rain was almost stopped and the cloud was clearing up. We were climbing the hill slowly and taking more time to capture photos and making more talk of Srijanako Fulbari. “A Garden of Creation.” Actually, Srijana is a classmate of Sewa. We saw a small pond but were filled up with clear water. There was a small holy place where people have worshipped. We took pictures of it and our picture also. We gave a name to it too, A Sister Khayer Lake.

The sister Khayer Lake

On the way, we saw the board of hotel in Khopra danda: Khopra Community Lodge. The time up to the hotel was not clear. We thought the hotel is near. So we spent the most time on talking and taking photograph rather than walking. It was almost dark when we reach hotel. But the evening scenes from there were astonishing.



A big group of villagers and a small group of foreigners were there inside the hotel around the heater in dining. The foreigners were there from previous day waiting for the clear view. The villagers were gathered for sacrificing yak and goat for the celebration of Dashain, the biggest festival of Hindus. We joined the groups. The villagers offered us roasted corn and soya beans and a mug of tea. Most of them were suggesting us that it’s hard to go for Khayer Lake. The foreign group was also not sure of. But our decision was solid. After dinner, we went to bed to dream the climbing the unknown place with the hope of success.

The welcoming eve at Khopra

September 23, 2017
Ashwin 07, 2074
Morning 6:00 AM; a clear view, and an awesome scenario from Khopra; we were stunned to have such view.

The hidden mountains

But it didn’t last for 10 minutes. We had our first cup of tea and packed our bags mostly of emergency medicine, raincoat, fast foods, chocolates, and cameras. We asked a full thermos of tea from the hotel for our whole day climb to Khayer Lake as there were no any tea houses on the route. We passed from the sheep herd and yak Kharka up to the hill. The path was almost covered by cloud and it was so hard to recognize for us even from the 2-meter distance but we were destined for Khopra.
After 1 and half hours of walk, we decided to have a cup of tea and some food. We were unknown about where we are actually and how long it will take. The GPS on our tab was not working. We were just following the trak made by sheep or yak. On the way sometimes, the clouds became clear and sometimes so hard to recognize each other too. We did not lose our hope. We kept walking and walking.


Srijana ko fulbarima euta ful rope maile…
This was the only song that made us communicating, making fun and remembering the past and expecting the future. The only we can see on the way was small plant i.e.buki flower and sometimes the blurring mountains.

Khopra Danda

The sound we listen was the sound of water from the nearby river. I checked the map but there was only secondary track and sometimes tertiary tract.

Khopra above 3660M

No teahouses, no human footprints, and nothing. In the map, there was shown one small shelter but we couldn’t recognize how long does it take. We rested somewhere in between the route where we saw one small cattle house.


The hot tea and food gave us energy; we again moved on. After one hour we found some small houses. They look like a shelter for cattle (sheep and yak) and the person keeping them. But all the shelter were empty. We saw small painting showing the way to Khayer Lake. We followed the sign.


I was checking GPS on Tab every time but sometimes it showed the track and sometimes lost. After 30 minutes, we fucked up; the GPS showed up but we were on wrong. We shocked because GPS was only one thing that showed us we were following right route. We decided in rush to go back. We came back to that shelter point and again tried for tracking the route. We roam around the hill. Almost 30 minutes of struggle we found the GPS location. This time we knew that we were following right track but GPS was not right. After that, we didn’t depend on GPS only. We lost our 1 hour searching for the route. It was almost 2 hours from our previous tea break. We found out the straight up steps. They seem so hard. Before starting that one we decided to have a break for tea and cookies.


The steps up in the hill were hard enough to climb up but our inner eager to reach up was increasing in every step. The small stoned monuments build by the people in the name of their ancestors were the resting points and our temple to pray to teach safely up to Khayer Lake. After climbing up the hill; there were a huge valley and a river in between the hills. It was like the hidden valley up in the hills.
We followed the river. After an hour we saw steeps again. Before climbing the steps it was written
“Papi-Dharmi Ukalo” meaning Wicked and Saint Steep.

The wicked saint steep

The meaning of this steep is that the sinful person couldn’t complete this steep whether the saint can. Yeah, it was the hardest part of that trek but we never saw back. We just thought about the destination. It almost took 30 minutes but was hard enough. After that we saw one temple. We followed the temple making it on our right arm. We were almost nearby our destination.

holy person

The Paradise: Khayer Barah Lake, Temple, and Mount South Annapurna



In between the hills where we saw the roof of the temple from far away. The moment we couldn’t describe how much happy we were. We finally made steeps up in the hills; our destination.

The mad dancing birds

We found The Paradise in the lap of South Annapurna; a lake with the clear water, a temple at the entrance and surrounding small hill.

The destiny

hevenly mountains

A perfect hidden treasure of nature which we couldn’t believe. The water was so vibrant that we could see the stones deep down. A mist blowing up as the solar lighting. We were so lucky enough to catch the overall view after a minute of arrival. We put our bags nearby temple became calm for some minutes to see the natural beauty.

beauty in bushAfter half an hour we filled our drinking water bottle and took far away from the lake to clean up ourselves because we didn’t suppose to make dirt and disturb the rhythm of the water.
floraIn the second lot; we filled a water bottle to do worship in the Barah Temple. In the Hindu religion, it was said that if we do worship in this temple and wished something; it will be fulfilled. So we did too. After worshipping in the temple we stayed there half an hour more to explore the temple and lake. Moreover, we dwell on the beauty of the Khayer Barah Lake and Temple and the stunning view of mount South Annapurna.
dazzling mountains

There is no any place to stay overnight and is at the high altitude around 4600 meters from sea level. It was almost 1:30 PM and we did not have a choice so we left the heaven. During our return the view was perfect and we were so lucky to see much more on the way back. We took two breaks to have tea and foods.

elixir of mountains

It was down to hill and more easy then climbing steeply. Sometimes we ran and sometimes we delay during taking photographs too. We arrived at Khopra Danda community village lodge around 7:00 PM in the evening where we were going to stay.

The hiding mountains

September 24, 2017
Ashwin 08, 2074
The Golden Mountain and the flawless environs.

The dazzling mountains

Morning 6:30 AM, when we got out of the room we were stunned by the prospect from the Khopra Danda. The previous morning we rush to the Khayer Lake so we missed it. I asked Sewa to bring a camera but he brought his own so I missed it in my lenses. But my eyes captured the panoramic view: The Golden Mountain and the flawless environs.


dazzling mountains4

I thought The Khopra-Khayer Lake was calling us so we made even it was harsh and finally we got the hidden prospect of nature from both of the places. No one was sure of that view but we just focused on our will. We were so lucky we will come true: The happiness peace and freedom of travel.


Around 8:30 AM we left Khopra. We were returning; the way was straight downhill. The villagers told us that it’s about 3:00 hours to Paudwar. First; we walked little fast even it was downhill. We walked almost 2:00 hours and there was no sign of villages.

Restin point

We stopped for something to eat. We asked the local people traveling on the way; how long it will take to Paudwar. They told us 1:00 hour more. It was around 1:00 PM when we were in Paudwar. We stopped there for lunch. Do you have cucumber; I asked hotel owner. She nodded yes sign. Actually; in our way down I saw father and son having local cucumber with spices and salt. That made me hunger for cucumber. Now; my hunger is going to be satisfied. We ordered thuppa a type of noodle soup for lunch instead of dal bhat. In between preparation time I slept in the chairs whereas Sewa watched a movie in the tab.


After Lunch I again slept there because I did not have proper sleep last night and I was feeling dizzy too. What should I do rest of cucumber, the hotel owner asked me when I was paying the bill. Actually; she did cut the big cucumber for us. I told if it is possible please pack few pieces for us not the entire. Around 3:00 PM we headed for Tatopani. I was feeling headache and more uneasiness so we stopped for many times to have rest and we ate the one piece of cucumber one at a time. It gave us energy for the completion of the way downhill. I slept wherever we stopped.

Freedom of travel

It was 5:30 PM; we were nearby Tatopani; I saw an Amla tree. I asked Sewa to climb up to pick it up. He followed me and picked up the whole pocket of Amla. We ate amla and cross the bridge and moved nearby roadside hotel for some food. Actually, we were planning to stay at Tatopani but we decided to head back to Pokhara if we find any vehicle.

The final decision

We ordered Mo.Mo and Chowmen but the bus came so we canceled and entered in the bus. We were so hungry; we missed and chowmen all the way back to Pokhara.
Around 8:00 PM; we arrived at Beni, Myagdi. The bus stopped there and we moved to a nearby hotel for some food. Sewa called Mamata; a friend of Sewa whose hometown is Beni but she didn’t pick the call. We entered back to the bus and waited for the driver. Mamata returned back the call. She requested us to stay in her home but we insisted. We will come next time. We made her sad. Sorry, Mamata…When bus driver came back he told us that the bus is not going to Pokhara. Changing but at night was so hectic but we didn’t have a choice. We missed Mamata so much this time and all the way back to Pokhara in another bus.
We met David Paclt on our way back to Pokhara in a bus from Tatopani. He was also returning from Annapurna circuit trek. We shared our travel experience in between. Around 11:00 PM we arrived at Pokhara. I say bye to Sewa and dropped to Zero. David also dropped at Zero because he was also staying at Lakeside nearby from my house. We walked 15:00 minutes from Zero to Lakeside. At 11:30 I arrived my home leaving the David at his hotel.

Happiness in Bleeding
Finally, we completed our heavenly trek to Khopra Danda- Khayer Lake.


The Splendid Reminiscences

July 19, 2017
Sharwan 04, 2074

“Thank you so much for coming, one as a friend and second as a teacher.”
It was July 18, 2017 (Sharwan 03, 2074), I was standing in the door of examination hall and giving little attention towards students and more towards outer environments. I think I was dwelling on nature, the trees around the college, the clouds and the hidden mountains.
Sir voli aaunu hai (Sir, come tomorrow). I became suddenly awake from the dwelling. I saw a little Mongolian face on my side. No matter what was but I was shifted by a soft voice. I am not coming, I said. She again said you should come. You have to check my practical copy. But I insisted, visit my office after 2.00 PM and I will do check. She requested me a lot but my answer was no. I made her sad by the arrogant response.
I am sorry I made you sad.
At evening I came back from duty and went outing for a walk around Fewa Lake. It was around 10:00 PM when I returned back to the room. I opened my book “And The Mountain Echoed”. The light was gone off when I started reading and I had no option so closed it. I was about to check emails and message on the tab, suddenly one message popped up. “Sir, can you check the copy at the practical exam?” No, I again became rude.
Can’t you really come tomorrow?
An indirect request from the same student.
She texted, don’t take the trouble to come. I will come at your office.
She asked about exam topics and I replied shortly. But I asked her about her close friends in the classroom. She replied Anjana, Bipana, Samichhya, Sabina, Gita, Reema, Sushmita Baral and Xinal and Uma. Mostly we used to be together but have good relation with everyone. I asked Top-5, Top-4, Top-3 and priority list too. I asked criteria of her friends and bla bla bla.
Actually, I have to find out some point and I got that too. I sent her list to one of her friends too. The criteria were awesome, Honest, Loyal, Truthful, Understanding, Trustworthy, and of course sharing and caring.

“Many Many Happy Returns of The Day. Happy Birthday, Rozina. Have a wonderful and prosperous moment ahead. Enjoy every moment and be happy and smile always.”

I saw the first post on her Facebook wall at 12:01 AM July 19, 2017, from one of her friends. I was talking with her but was not wishing her. Actually, I was not known about her birthday. I messaged her birthday wish. And, I got her phone number from her friend. She said that didn’t you wish? I hope now she knew her friend too who did the first post. I made a surprise call at the moment and did wish too. At that time she said that I was requesting you because it is my birthday. Then, I felt happy.
I did not become late to reach to college. I was on out of account office, she came to say come too classroom. Bhuwan sir, Chandra sir and I went down to the classroom. And Krishna sir was already there after finishing his lecture. The especial request now came in the front. There was birthday cake, candles, chocolate and all happy faces on the classroom. It was almost time to celebrate the birthday. All were singing the birthday song and the birthday girl was lighting candle. We wished her and she chopped the cake.

I got blank…. When I felt cake all over my face.

I was surprised because it was not my birthday but she put the cake on my face and softly said: “Thank you so much for coming, one as a friend and second as a teacher.” Now I understood why she was requesting.
I usually don’t attend any parties and gathering. But this one made me very happy. I ignore my birthday even it is in the same month. This moment was like I was celebrating my first birthday. The cake was over my face and t-shirt but I did not wipe out. The whole day, I wore the same t-shirt on duty even there were stains of cake. I did not try to clean it up. I was there to the end of the celebration even all the teachers were gone. I felt very especial.

Thank you so much, Rozina.

“Many Many Happy Returns of The Day. Happy Birthday to you.”
I may forget your date in a coming year or I may be far from your contact. But remember that this post is forever for you; wishing you a very Happy Birthday.


Langtang-Kyanjing Gompa-Tsergo-Ri Trekking “The Nature Calling”

Langtang-Kyanjing Gompa-Tsergo-Ri Trekking

“The Nature Calling”


Nature is the soul of my life. All professional descriptions are just the ornaments that are for the others to describe me. Yes; I am a Medical Technologist, A Lecturer, and A Student of Medical Microbiology. But all these descriptions do not describe what I am actually, what I am in quest of. I travel, I take photograph, I interview people, I do volunteering, I eat what I find in my way and what other offer me. I sleep when I need no matter where and what I have. I used to be happy when I see a smile on others. I do not want hurt others but I cannot. All the act that I do not want but become forceful gives me pain. To erase that pain I need nature far from everything, everyone and far from desire.20161025_111232_panoAfter two years of struggling, I finally got time to travel few new routes in Nepal. A few years ago I have been to Langtang Kyanging Gompa. I became ready to unexpected and unplanned trek to Langtang-Kyanging Gompa with Joseph from Spain when Narayan Bhandari a trek organizer asked me. I became ready to take leave from my job and packed my bag to receive Joseph from Kathmandu even I was not sure whether the complete route of Langtang trek was reconstructed and reopened. I reached to Kathmandu late in the Night.20161025_111514_pano_n

Early Kathmandu, A foggy morning I reached to the hotel where Joseph was staying. I met him in a lobby. We started talking about the trekking itinerary. Joseph had asked for 6 days trek except for bus ride but I had only 6 days. He asked me whether we can move on 21st October. I left him in a hotel and rushed to Bus Park to find out whether there was a bus or not. Pitambar Gurung who is the only one person who made it possible to do this all rush task. Without him, this was not accomplished. I am very happy to have him as a brother-com-friend. We reached to Bus Park all the buses were already left for Sybrubesi. Then I became assure that I could not complete this trek due to a short time. I sent a message to Joseph that we are unlucky. I returned back to the hotel and describe the entire situation to Joseph and finally told him that I will manage someone who has enough time. But Joseph made a quick decision that it’s not necessary to travel wholly with him. He said we can complete Langtang route. The ended plan again revived and I finally became sure that I am trekking to Langtang, Kyanjing. It may be Nature Calling to erase all the pain and find peace, freedom, and happiness in Langtang.20161025_111455_pano_nA day with Pritam dai (brother) became very fruitful. We spent the whole day together, traveled somewhere around the Kathmandu. We take rest for few hours in his room. At evening, we went to the busiest place of Kathmandu at Darbar Square. Kathmandu Darbar Square is our frequent spot to meet and have a cup of Nepali tea in around the variety of people. I especially felt the air of freedom whole day. At the evening we returned back to room cooked food and had a little fine drink to heat up our body so that we can fight the coldness of Kathmandu city. It was late night when we went to bed but Pritam Dai had to go Hospital to receive his relative who was referred to Kathmandu for the treatment.img_7795

First Day (22nd October 2016)img_7438It was around 5:30 AM of 22nd October; Pritam Dai made me wake up. He had returned from the hospital. He was ready to drop me at a hotel where Joseph was staying. I packed the bag and we moved to catch Joseph. Pritam dai left me with a big smile and he gave me surprising congratulations to accomplish this obstacle. I waved my hand and gave big thank to Pritam dai and we separated.img_7390Around 6:30 AM Joseph and I took a taxi to reach to Bus Park. We bought a ticket to Sybrubesi and got on a bus. We departed from Kathmandu around 8:00 AM in the morning. The bus took us away from Kathmandu following the Trisuli River. We had lunch at a local hotel in Trisuli, Nuwakot. I was so worried about the health of Joseph because he was not feeling good since last day. I urge him to take bottled and boiled water and have electrolyte as much as possible. We checked at Dhunche in Army check point and police check point around 1:30 PM and moved forward to Sybrubesi. We reached to Sybrubesi around 3:30 PM. We dropped off from the bus at Sybrubesi. Joseph had picked out some money from ATM and I asked him what he is thinking of either stay at Sybrubesi or have some walk. I thought he want to stop the first day at Sybrubesi but he smiled to me and said that I am okay. Then we plan to walk few hours.img_7413I was sure that there is some place to stay at Pairo but everyone in the way were saying that there are no any place to stay up to Bamboo. To make assure; I ask one who is coming back from Langtang. He said that one hotel is reconstructed and you can stay there. I requested him for a contact number. I made a call to the hotel owner. He was so nice, he said I will prepare the room for you and come slowly you can make on time. Most of the Domen and small hotel owner tried us to stop in their hotel saying that there is no place further to stay. But we made the decision to reach to Hotel Namaste Guest House and Resturant at Pairo. We finally reached the hotel at Pairo around 6:00 PM in the evening. The hotel owner Ang Tsring Yonjan was waiting for us. He welcomed us very nicely. I have stayed at the same place there and I am again going to stay at this hotel. The hotel is situated in between two huge hills and the river is following by its side. The place is very peaceful. The sound of the river made me feel vibrated from inside. I felt so alive in the Pairo. We were unlucky to visit hot spring there because it was destroyed by an earthquake. Tsring was so happy because we were the first who stayed in his hotel after reconstruction. His hospitality was splendid. He was so curious about Josephs’ health. He made very hygienic food and cared more than a business man. I am very thankful to him because he was ready to help us if we got problem anywhere in our way to Langtang. We ended our conversation about the destruction caused by the earthquake at Pairo around 9:00 PM. I felt so down about the situation caused by the earthquake. After our conversation, we became ready to go bed. I thanked him for everything and said Good Night to everyone and moved to a room.img_7387

Second Day (23rd October 2016)img_7508The breeze of cold air with the song of the river made me woke up at 6:30 AM in the morning. I enjoyed the morning whisper in the lap of two mountains and the songs of the river flowing in between them. Tsring had already prepared our breakfast. We ate breakfast but we take rest for half an hour to determine the condition of Joseph. Around 8:00 AM we gave a hearty thanks to Tsring and left the Pairo. The sound of water, the whisper of woods, the chirping of birds followed us in all way. The beauties of woods were the vital part of our trek. The colorful trees followed everywhere. img_7496The flowers and herbs were the main focus for the camera. I briefly showed and described some of them to Joseph and sometimes he used to describe me. We enjoyed our first day trek like a friend. We ate our lunch at Lama Hotel around 12:30 PM. It was around 2:00 PM when we left Lama Hotel.img_7423We enjoyed the songs of woods, birds and river and flora in our way. Around 5:00 PM we touched to Woodland through Riverside. We decided to stay the second day in the flat landscape in between the woods as the name reflects Woodland.img_7402

Third Day (24th October 2016)img_7453The imagination of next day’s trekking made me wake up early even it was freezing cold in the Woodland. I asked hotel owner to prepare breakfast earlier so that we can start fast. We had breakfast around 6:30. I had already described the health situation and asked hotel owner to serve freshly prepared foods, but I was saddened by the behavior of the hotel owner because he had served the last night’s plain rice to Joseph. We left the hotel around 7:00 AM.img_7470

Walking on the dawn with the cooling drops of foggy water sometimes penetrated deep into the heart. The sound of the river every time vibrated the heart like a song. We followed the way by the side of the river. We saw the first clear view of mount Langtang range. We followed the way through Ghoda Tabela named after the resting place of horse and to Thangsep. I noticed that the armies check point near by Ghoda Tabel has been removed after the earthquake. We saw a small village a little farther walk from Thangsep. There was the valley but almost all of it was covered by stone when we reached nearby it and I realized that it was the Langtang Valley destroyed by Earthquake. img_7576I was shocked because I was not seeing that beautiful Valley this time where I had spent the whole night. We noticed the stoned statues in the memory of the one who had lost their soul in the Langtang Valley. img_7588We passed Langtang Valley, after half an hour we reached to Mundu where we decided to have lunch. We drank the Seabuck Throne Juice there and talked about the devastation too. After lunch, we left them saying we will meet them for coffee during our return.img_7632We passed through many of water run Mane; a holy Buddhist prayer wheel. Nearby Kyanjing we saw a stupa under going for construction on the memory of the dead people during an earthquake in Langtang and Kyanjing Valley. img_7608Around 3:00 PM we got into Kyanjing but before entering valley we decided to see the Kyanjing Gompa (Stupa), but we were stunned to see the stupa because it was totally devasted. Even it was the main attraction of that valley no one was interested in rebuilding it. img_7658With the heart filled with sorrow, we moved away from it. On the way to hotel, we stopped at the cheese factory and bought locally made Yak Cheese which was so delicious. Handmade woolen handcrafts are also famous in this area; we stepped in one handcrafts shop and observed the products too.img_7651Happy people of Kyanjing even they had lost most important part of their life were in the orchard of the hotel where we were staying that night. They were welcoming us with their fabulous smile. They were having lunch after working in the field. Among them, the happiest were the hotel owner and her three children.img_7669 It was her brother who was working on cheese factory referred us to Snow Leopard Guest House at Kyanjing. We met him on the second day of our trek nearby Pairo. He told us that it will be a great help for her (hotel owner) because she had lost her husband in the earthquake and has three daughter to whom she has to care. Her greetings and welcome made us very pleasant. We rested there for an hour and had decided to walk and search the starting point for climbing Tsergo-Ri. It was almost dark when we returned back to the hotel. Dinner was ready so we did too. We enjoyed playing, talking and fighting with the children in the kitchen. It was around 9:00 when we finished dinner and moved to bed.img_7632

Fourth Day (25th October 2016)img_7678It was 5:00 AM in the morning when my eyes got opened. But I tried to sleep a little more but could not. I got up and emptied the bag and kept the rainproof coat, camera, and some emergency medicine. We ate early breakfast and packed some for later in the way. Even it was too early, our hotel owner had prepared everything early especially for us because we were planning to move early morning for climbing Tsergo-Ri. Around 6:00 AM we started our walk for Tsergo-Ri. It was very cold but we followed the path to the base of Tsergo-Ri. The dew was frozen on the stone and they were slippery. We had to cross one small river; I jumped but I slipped and my shoes got wet. Joseph followed for 5 minutes. In one narrow part, he crossed the river. I was also new for the route and we had to follow narrow way on the hill because there was no any clear way; I started GPS on mobile app Maps Me. We followed the route round in the hill. In our eyes, every spot seemed close but in reality, they were very far. When we got in the first top and saw the Kyanjing Valley I felt like I am on top. It was superb feeling that I have nothing to fear and nothing to overcome. I felt like I am the lucky in this earth to have a feeling of true happiness on the lap of nature. The freedom of happiness invaded my heart.lWe had already decided that we will climb the whole mountain. We made a slow pace but continuous so that it will be easy for us to catch a breath. We drank a lot of water. It was the second round top of the mountain I felt little uneasy. I asked electrolytes with Joseph. The feeling of the essence of life was awesome but I started feeling something wrong with me. Now I knew my weak point. The abnormal pattern of blood cells with low RBCs count accompanied with low hemoglobin was the cause for me that is making me weak. I was not returning without making the wish come true so I was very slow but I tried my best. The pile of black stone on the mountain and the shiny White Mountains around us made me keep walking and walking.img_7845It was the last turning round to the Tsergo-Ri; I felt like I am falling down. I stopped. I was not recovering still so I made a decision to take emergency medicine. I rested a more this time. It was just 30:00 minutes’ walk but it was taking us one hour. After 10 minute walk, I felt pain again I was not stopping without making it complete. I took the second round of medicine with a lot of electrolytes. After 15 minutes rest, I felt little well so I started again.img_7756We made it to Tsergo-Ri, 5000M around on 25th October. It was the happiest moment when we saw few people on the top including us. On the top of Tsergo-Ri and the mountains around us was the most beautiful scenario. The Mount Lirung on Nepal and Sisa Pagma on the Tibetian side were the main attraction of Tsergo-Ri. We enjoyed the panoramic view along with others. The mountain calling was completed and became my dazzling experience. I was so happy and felt like I am flying over the mountains.img_7837

We ran down on the mountain. That was another experience running on the mountain trail. Actually, Joseph is a trail runner. I got a new experience with him this time. We returned back to the hotel in one an half hour and completed before anyone else. The lunch was almost ready; after a rest and a tea we ate lunch and prepared our bag to leave.img_7768

Leaving Snow Leopard Hotel, Hotel Owner and her daughter were hard for us. They were like a caring family. She cared us more than a family member. Everything she offered us was incredible. Our small help to her was nothing compared with her deed. We were so lucky to be there on Snow Leopard. It was late in the day we decided to leave Kyanjing and flapped our hands to the most careful person of Kyanjing, The owner of Snow Leopard Hotel.20161025_111254_panoBecause of the limited time, we rushed most of the time on the way. Next day we had to reach Sybrubesi or Dhunche anyhow so we ran like a trail runner. Ghoda Tabela was our destination for the night but we could not make it.We took a break off in Thangsep because it was almost late evening. Two cute girls welcomed us in their hotel, Hotel Potala. They were so nice and treated us finely. They cooked very nice food. I talked little a bit with them; they have also lost their parents on Earthquake and now they were living with their brother who used to run hotel during trekking season on Langtang and work rest time in Kathmandu. I was surprised when I knew that the elder sister was a student of hotel management and younger one wants to become a doctor. After a little talk and dinner, we went for great rest for the run for next day.20161025_111232_panoFifth Day (26th October 2016)20161025_111514_panoEarly morning greetings with the hot tea were awesome from two sisters. They prepared breakfast for us. I sat nearby fire in the Kitchen, drank tea and talked with them about their plan. They were curious about Pokhara. When I said them I am from Pokhara and I am medical technologist they became astonished. Younger one asked me more about medical sciences. She was enquiring about studying MBBS in Pokhara. It might make them gloomy when we plan to leave but before leaving I encourage them to study and welcomed them in Pokhara any time.img_7756We followed the same way. Around 12:30 PM we arrived at Pairo, we stepped inside the same hotel where we stayed on the first day. But I was surprised with the number of guests having their lunch. When I met Tsring the hotel owner; he was so happy and busy too. He said that you are the lucky person who opened hotels business that first night. We ordered our lunch. I talked with Tsring about business and his plan to improve them. He asked me to see the Bee Palace nearby. But we were in rush so we could not. Before our leave; he thanked us and we did too. It was very caring hospitality we experienced on Langtang trek in Pairo.20161025_111254_panoAround 4:00 PM we reached to Sybrubesi. There was no any public vehicle but we became lucky to find private tourist vehicle which dropped us in Dhunche. We searched one hotel to stay in Dhunche. Finally, our trek was going to finish. Next day we were separating because Joseph was planning for Gosaikund trek and I was returning to Pokhara. I was leaving Joseph next day so I described him the itinerary for Gosaikunda Trek. We walked a further to make it easy in the morning for Joseph. We ate dinner together around 7:30 PM and decided to have rest.img_7548Sixth Day (27th October 2016)img_7557It was 6:00 AM in the morning I got up and packed my bag. I was waiting for Joseph in the dining hall for a final good bye. I was shocked when Joseph said that he is returning to Kathmandu because of his legs. We ate breakfast in the hotel and purchased bus tickets for back to Kathmandu. It took 4 hours by bus to arrive at Galchi where I was going to drop off. I was returning to Pokhara that day so I decided not going to Kathmandu.img_7607I said my final Good Bye to Joseph. I flapped my hands for departure even I was out of the bus. With a heavy heart, I left Joseph on Bus for his further travel back to Kathmandu.
img_7723Closureimg_7832Langtang-Kyanjing-Tsergo-Ri “The Nature calling”; became my most memorable moment of my travel history. I was concluded that when you have a feeling of doing something or going somewhere it will definitively accomplish but you have to cross many obstacles. If you fail to overcome you will lose it. The natural beauty of Langtang-Kyanjing-Tsergo-Ri is still pounding on me. From the top of Tsergo-Ri; I felt like these mountains have called me so I made it top even I was collapsing on the way. Thank you; every-one, who became my companion for completing this trek. Especially I am very happy to travel with Joseph; the smile on his face and the word I am okay is still running in my ear. Hope to be your companion on coming days.

15 Days in Western Nepal: A wild Trek and my Last Memoirs

I have saved my life once again in wild and unknown trek. It was western part of Nepal usually Jumla, Rara Lake and Bajura.

The whole week with heavy rain and the thick forest and we (I and Sudip) in a unplanned trek were been a awesome trek.

Landslide in whole western part of Nepal was one of our experience to search way in new place. Fortunately we saved our life from





These experience usually triggers me nowadays. My memoirs always makes me awake. I am missing those days so much.

I once again wants to have such time so that I can flow on my own.

EBAE 4: A forum on imaging approaches in neuroscience

Imaging Analysis: A Ridiculously Broad Overview


Thanks to all who made it out on Thursday, November 21st, 2013 for EBAE 4: A forum on imaging approaches in neuroscience

We had a superb evening, with three excellent presentations!

Andrew Olson – Confocal and 2 photon Imaging.

  • Andrew’s slides are here.

Jesse Marshall – Optical Measurements of Neuronal Activity.

  • Jesse’s slides are here.

Forrest Collman – Imaging Analysis: A Ridiculously Broad Overview

  • Forrest’s slides are here.

Some other useful web resources:

And an especially big thank you to:

the Stanford Neuroscience Institute for their assistance in making it happen!

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;Life of Pi : my view

life-of-pi2Life of Pi; A novel written by Yann Martel published in 2001.

I have read 3 years ago.

Is a perfect combination of imagination and a magnificent real story.

After watching it ;

I can’t believe that the imagination can be brought into reality.

It’s a piece of artistic creation more than a movie.

;Panchase from my eyes

DSC02686 DSC02705


; Travelling and Photography explores anyone differently even if it is a same place and same thing. These two pictures are taken this year in Panchase; A Holy place and a best view point of the Himalaya range and for both sun-rising and for watching  sun-setting. February -March is the best time to went Panchase that you can see the blooming Rhododendron on both side of your way. You can see the path full of petals of this flower.

P1040636 P1040528


;and these two pictures are of last year. It was very different at that time. I was with the memoirs of my life. And was the best. We wrote the name with petals of Rhododendron of our most memorable person of life.

This year also I was with the  full of my memoirs of last year but it was different. I wasn’t with my friends. I was with the lecturers of Regional College where I am also working as a lecturer. 

;with the memory of Najiha Saleh (Ann).